Wenzhang Traditions and the Theoretical Reconstruction of Modern Chinese Prose (Sanwen)
2022年11月08日 10:15 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Wang Weidong

  Wang Weidong

  School of Chinese Language and Literature, Soochow University

  Abstract:Underlying modern Chinese sanwen (or prose) are long-established wenzhang traditions.Emerging in the transformation from traditional wenzhang to modern literature, modern Chinese sanwen had gone through a complicated process before acquiring its atypical stylistic characteristics and being relegated to a marginal place in modern literature.Nevertheless, this has also provided it with the possibility of breaking through its current

dilemma. A reconstructed theory of Chinese sanwen must center on the core of “the person—the writings,” to build a four-level theoretical structure comprised of knowledge and experience, thought and emotion, spirit and mind realm, and style and form. It should also draw on the wisdoms of traditional Chinese thought and art and incorporate the historical characteristics of wenzhang (its basis on the Dao or Way, connection with history,engagement with reality, and manifestation in literature), so as to pave a path between the person and the writings and establish a viable evaluative sanwen discourse system with Chinese characteristics.

  Keywords: wenzhang traditions, modern Chinese sanwen, theoretical reconstruction,atypicality, unity of the person and the writings

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