Financial Resources Allocation and Its Economic Impact in Belt and Road Countries
2022年08月05日 10:53 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Li Xin a, Tao Ran b and Zhou Lü c

  Li Xin a, Tao Ran b and Zhou Lü c

  a, b and c School of Finance, Capital University of Economics and Business

  Abstract:The purpose of this paper is to explore a model of efficient allocation of financial resources in China and other Belt and Road countries to ensure it plays the most effective economic role. In terms of financial resources, this paper uses a fixed effects model to conduct an empirical study of 2006-2019 panel data on the financial resources of Belt and Road countries. The paper finds that the role of financial resources varies from country to country along the Belt and Road. 1) In some regions, increased bank credit is playing a less important role in driving the economy; 2) Securities markets have an important role in promoting economic growth; 3) The insurance industry has great potential for economic development; 4) Foreign direct investment has boosted economic development. Hence we need to face up to the fact that the role of financial resources in economic growth varies from country to country along the Belt and Road, so we need to formulate the corresponding strategies to optimize financial resources and promote the sustainable development of Belt and Road economies.

  Keywords: financial resources, Belt and Road Initiative, economic growth, panel data

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